Monday, March 30, 2015

The Final pages from 1996

We are closing out the 96s today. Scans 41-51.

Four nice cards from Summit.

Three more from Summit.

That Hobby Masters card is really super sweet. Scan doesn't do the card justice.

Some shiny cards from Topps Chrome.

I'm not a huge fan of the over-use of foil on cards, but I think the tribute to 40K yards would have been better with in foil or at least in a colored text, so that it stands out.

The Predictor is the best card of these four by far.

A rainbow, including the rainbow parallel. Which was the hardest to obtain.

Upper right card really shows the action, makes you want to get out and go play some backyard football. Also shows John doing what he done very well, scramble.

That completes the scanned cards I own of Elway from 1996. 

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