Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1995: Part Three (Scans 19-27)

We are now up to the 50 yard line, so to speak. Scans (19-27). Starting off with more from Pinnacle.

Ahhh, the last Pinnacle, and some great cards from Playoff. And the first relic"esque" card. Missing just 1 of the 5 total Playoff cards, the Back to Back #3. And you might think that I had all of the Pinnacle, but no I am missing 3 cards: the holo gold autograph AU68, black n blue #9, and the dial corp dc7.

A mini PlayOff, Pog card, limited print card. I was never a big fan of Classic, Pro Line, Pro Set, nor Collector's Edge cards. They do have some nice ones in their mix, but overall, I would have been just fine had they not existed.

Upper left is one of those really nice looking cards.

Two more limited print cards. Always good to have several of these, LOL.

Missing just 4 cards from Score: past time #pt6, the pin card #nno, and the red seige and red seige artist proof for card #235.

Upper left, awesome shot and those other 2 Select Certifieds are half bad either.

Catch ya back in a couple of days, I've got to do some scrambling of my own the next day or so.


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