Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1995: Part two

I definitely like the greater variety that we have going in the 1995 cards. The inserts are so much better than previous years.

Flair cards were some of my favorite as far as brands go. Baseball cards too!

Metal Universe offered us up some very shiny cards for the mix. I am pretty sure I grabbed that back to school off of the Bay. I hate that it is eat up with the box shuffle marks on the edges.

Pacific adding to the shiny cards too!

More from Pacific.

The last Pacific card (above) is super sweet, the scan does NOT do it justice. We also have Pinnacle getting in the game with a shiny parallel.

Just a reminder that NONE of the cards in these postings are duplicates, they are all unique in some way shape or fashion aka parallels. Pinnacle was always on the bland side for the most part, but hey when you have to collect them all..... you have to collect them all.

How cool would have been if the cameraman on the bottom right card had been a little more centered on that shot, where it would have then appeared as if the ball was coming right at you? I think that would have been awesome!

The look on Johns' face says it all (bottom left) "Oh crap that guy is huge, and he is going to pulverize me".  No worries John, just keep scrambling.

Calling it a break right here and will more than likely put the next scans up tomorrow.


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