Sunday, March 15, 2015

Elway 1995 Nearing an end

Let us take a peek at the end zone. We are steadily getting close moving through the red zone and after today will be there. 7, pun intended! Scans 37-44 the last of the 95s.

Nice parallel and a nice insert.

Some shiny cards.

Who doesn't like Silver & Gold?

I guess it was a good that everyone liked Silver & gold huh?

Maybe not the Power Ball, but still a lot of Silver.

I think the Silver is drying up.

I like Gold better anyhow.  Now we are down the 1 yard line and it's 4th down. Let's go for it.

That last card (the one that scored the TD) is a super cool looking card.

Next post will be the first of the 1996 cards that I own.

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