Wednesday, March 18, 2015

1996: Some stats/data first then on to some great cards!

Yes indeed, 1996 rings joyous to my ears. At least when it comes to Elway cards. 1996 has some awesome cardboard and I mean awesome inserts and parallels unlike any of the previous years. I wish that it was possible (it is, but I won't) to post them all right here right now.

According to (and we know they ain't perfect) Elway has 359 items listed for 1996. I say items as they count certain magazines (and not others, shame on them), figures, and some other odd ball items but not all of them. I  myself keep odd balls that can't be kept in with my cards as separate, likewise the magazines and other publications, figures etc..... But if the odd ball can fit in a toploader, it's in there.

My collection has over 200 "items", that being said below you will find some of the 202 cards that I own that are in the form of a card or cardish, like the very first card up (rather the second top right). I am not sure what it is, where it came from, or why it has always been sitting with the 1996 cards. But there it sits. Back is plain white and blank.

Four great pieces to start off the run of 1996. That phone card fits the odd ball profile as well.

Yeah, I know I should have rotated a couple there and I promise I did most of them, lol. Just in the first 8 cards we have a $40, $30, two $25 cards, and that 7-11 phone card was $12. Of course prices change, but most of John's cards seem to stay relatively close. I haven't "re-checked the pricing on my cards in about 18 months.

A few more high end cards. Not that $10-40 is actually high end when it comes to Elway cards, but compared to the average $2-4 for his base cards......There are many in the hundreds of dollars, and many more that are so rare (SP) pricing is not available. We should see some of those by the time we finish the 1997 year. Other than some truly great looking cards I think the highest 96 I have is $50.

That Proteges used to book at $20 and it carries a high serial run of /1500, mine is 948/1500. A lot of the cards you are seeing today are serial numbered but it would be time consuming to put in all of that info. So, other than a few here and there we will be skipping on that.

All of the cards above are serial #d. What I really like are cards numbered to 25 of less. I always like getting a SP #d 1 or the last card say 25/25, like that or 10/10, or 5/5, or best possible: 7/7. Having #7 of what ever the serial number run is always sweet and an Ebay 1/1, LOL.

Yes they are different cards, not the same.

Running Mates is the highest value card there with Air force One coming in second. The President's Reserve inserts were always nice and considered high end. I like them.

That Printer's Proof books more than the Sculpted (not by much though), go figure.

Another proof.

I think this is a good place to break. All in all we've started off 1996 with some terrific cards, and it just keeps getting better. See ya next time.

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