Thursday, March 5, 2015

1995 part 4 (scans 28-36)

Slowly but surely working our way through my 1995 Elway cards. We are up to about the 75 yard line (if there was one). 25 and goal, hows that, LOL? No...? Okay how about we are almost through them. This one and one more.

There is a Rainbow for the Pay Dirt insert, and I need all of the others!

A great mix of options here. Spx tried anyways, but I think that holograms, die cuts, and parallels on all one card is a bit much. Not so bad with the top two die cut and a parallel.

I definitely like the bottom two cards here, they are among my favorite as far as design goes. Probably would have been better to not shimmer the crowd/background. 

I busted box after box of those Sportflix, and I have no idea why I did that.

There are a lot of collector's out there that just go nuts over Stadium Club, I myself would've been just fine with the photo, player name, and the TSC logo. 

These are much better!

Likewise, I really like this batch too!

One more for 95, and then onto the cards I have for 1996.


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