Sunday, March 22, 2015

1996 3rd SET OF SCANS 21-30

So far we have seen so mighty nice cards from many of the card manufacturers, and they didn't stop there. They awesome cards continue all throughout 1996.

Parallels are always great, at least as most sets were done back in the 90s, excluding Collector's Edge which was the fore runner to Topps of modern days. Today, it is near impossible for a "player collector" or even a team collector, let alone set builders. A set isn't a set unless you have EVERY card in the set. Of course today's set builder's usually stick to the base set without all of the parallels and in many cases without the SP's. I say again.. a set isn't a set unless is is 100% complete. Enough I my venting, back to the Elway cards.

I am huge fan of Playoff cards, however these four in my opinion were not their best work.

Neither were these four. I apologize for the removable sticker on the front side of the upper right, it must have come off of the card stored in front of it in the storage box. Which reminds me, my goal is to one day pull all of my Elways' from the top loaders and place them into binders. I believe it will make it easier to flip through my collection, not to mention gets rid of the sometimes scratched up or dingy plastic holders which shows up horrible in the scans. It should also "lighten the load" of the collection too.

Speaking of a dingy top loader, LOL.  The upper two cards are more in line with my idea of Playoff, although the mini looks sort of plain I like it. Pro Line III breaks into the line-up with a nice die-cut.

I definitely like the two phone cards, unused and of course expired, lol.

Score isn't known for the base set, but this and the two parallels shown are very nice.  the 6 pack of HOfers isn't a bad card front for a checklist either.

Ditto! Oops, I left in a slip of paper that should have been removed a decade ago.

The Dream Team insert is totally awesome!

Wrapping today with the three Settle the score inserts above.

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