Friday, March 20, 2015

1996: Scans 11-20

Picking right up where we left off, with some more amazing cards.

The Laser View is okay, and I like the blurred images in the Fleer card, but not much thus the .40 BV (not many of Elways' card book that low). The Eye on the Prize is a $20 card.

There are plenty of collector's out there that like the Topps Finest cards, I myself enjoyed the first couple of years (remember the green cards) but not since.  I still to this day, have problems with the peel-able protective coating. My point is there is the protection, but is also takes away from the card photo. Secondly, there are some issues where a card was issued with and without the protector and no way to tell them apart if you remove the coating. Just an UGH moment. That is the Silver version of the Finest card and books around $15.00 I don't get it, especially the refractor version that books at $90, crazy I tell you.

HMMM. The scan couldn't have come out better.  Not pictured in this spot would be the Kenner SLU card that I have, but it is still inside the package with the figure.

I love parallel cards when there are only a few. The American All-Star card also fits nicely into a binder collection I have that is Patriotic/Flag themed (mostly baseball cards in it). Great card, wish I had rotated it, oops!

A pair of motion cards and a nice insert, plain but I like it.

One of these goes for $50.... lol.

I've always been a fan of the Pacific brands, however I will admit they tend to use way too much foil.

The bottom two parallel cards are pretty sweet.

But these four are even sweeter!

Overall Pacific definitely put creativity into their designs. Topps should take some lessons, just watch the overuse of foil.

Yes, I keep those coins with the cards. And now for the last two cards today.

Not a bad pair to end with.

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