Friday, June 6, 2014

John Elway scans for Mr. Kraus

I apologize for some of the blemishes, they are from the scanner bed.

1986 milk carton (known as Dairy Pak), various regional brands. The one above is the light Blue, the one below is the dark Blue version.

1995 Collector's Edge Quantum Motion promo

1996 Pinnacle  #67 Silver premium stock, same as the rest, just a slightly thicker card stock.

1996 Pinnacle Mint #2 Silver

1997 Action Packed Pinnacle Scoring core preview

1997 Donruss Elite gold Series promo limited to 2000

1998 bowman's Best Mirror Image Atomic refractor # mi 17

1998 Metal universe EX 2001 #4 Preview

1998 Paramount #67 Silver

1998 Absolute Hobby #1

1998 Absolute Hobby #1 Platinum Quad (reverse has Barry Sanders and Warrick Dunn)

 1998 Playoff Prestige Best of the NFL #6  NON die cut

***I don't have 1998 Playoff Momentum retail #66, but there ARE two retail versions, one red and 1 black.

1998 Playoff Prestige Winning Performances #6    Silver and Blue

1998 Collector's Choice # 51 Choice Reserve foil

1998 Pro Line DC3 Clear Cuts # 1

1998 Stadium Club promo #PP3

I'm sorry I did not have more of what you need, but you need some very nice cards, cards that I wish that I did have, lol.  I hope that these scans help with your book.

John Miller
Ocala, Florida