Friday, November 1, 2013

BOO! More like (Boo Hoo)

Well, Halloween has passed and no I didn't even have 1 piece of candy. But, more importantly another month of trading cards has also passed. The month started out slow and finished that way as well hence the boo hoo.

I did manage to close on 63 deals, which most were for my Atlanta Braves collectionS (there are 2), but I did squeeze in a few Elway cards as I mentioned in a previous post several of which were (and still are) SP cards that are awesome.

I needed to make a few trades to get a card or two that took away from my PC, but did it.

We finished October with The Super Collection for John Elway standing at 1329 unique cards (along way from the 1400 that I had hope to hit), with 900 + dupes (489 uniques dupes), 21 figures, 16 plates, 34 magazine covers (2 vintage dupes).

I so bad want to hit 1500 unique Elway cards before the end of this year, as always please lmk if you have any that you are willing to part with. I need over 3,400 ( a lot of newer base cards ) obviously 1/1s and some inserts.