Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Elway Update

Trading for Elway has been on the slow side this month as far as card volume goes.  I have picked up a few very short printed cards. Quality cards are always a plus for a "Super Collection".

This month:   A SIC serial numbered 5/5 Century Gold from the 2009 National Treasures, 2 printing plates 1/1s, a beautiful 2012 Spectrum Hall Worthy serial #d 70/100, several serial  #d /25 cards, a set of mini magnetic bobbles, a few magazine covers, and other odd ball items.

All in all we took the "collection" from 1275 unique cards, 20 figures, 31 covers (mags), 16 plates, and 28 other items to....................

3014 unique, 34 covers, My first 2 Elway autos (1 in a book), 20 figures, 16 plates (complete), 33 others.

With the half way point of the month now past, I look foward to focusing back on Elway, as I have been predominantly gathering Atlanta Braves cards for special project, that ended up adding Hawks, and Falcons too. Whew....

As always if you have any John Elway that you'd like to trade, just shoot me an email, if I need them, I want them.