Friday, January 30, 2015

My Elway cards: 1990 & 1991

Continuing where we left off, I have scanned the cards I own from 90 & 91.

1990 BP (British Petroleum) Ad on back. 1A.

1990 Action Packed, or Hi Pro Marketing as it was first marketed.

1990 Kenner Yellow Rookie Year version. I also have one of these still sealed with the SLU figure and the blue version as well.

1990 Fleer.

1990 Collect A Books.  I have friend that is a card vendor at one of my local flea markets and he has loads and loads of these complete sets, as well as other years too.

1990 Legends #27.

Elway is on the back side of this card, used the front as I really like cards with cheerleaders on them, lol.

I have an autographed version of this card too!.

1990 Star Big League nno.

1991 Action Packed.

1991 Bowman.

1991 Fleer Stars n Stripes.

1991 Fleer.

1991 Pacific Flashcard.

1991 Pacific base card.

1991 Pinnacle.

1991 Pro line Portraits. Yeah I know it is John's ex-wife. But hey it's in the collection.

1991 Pro line Portraits.

1991 Pro Set.

 Also 1991 Pro Set.

1991 Pro Set Platinum.

These two cards are from 1991 Pro Set, but they are not  the same card. One is missing the NFLPA logo on the back.

1991 Score.

1991 Pro Set Spanish version.

1991 Starz nno.

1991 Stadium Club.

1991 Topps.

1991 Upper Deck.

 1991 Ud Dominos QB challenge.

1991 UD team checklist.

1991 Ultra.

1991 Wildcard.

Next up will be 1992. The cards start getting more and more interesting as we go. By the time we get to 1994 we will have to break that year up (and thereafter) into several posts.

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