Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2014 gone: 2015 State of this Blog

2014 was a wash for my Elway Super Collection and the goals/plans I had for this blog. I did pick up a few new cards, but that was it. With my mom getting really ill in May, and I have since been taking care of her ever since at her house, away from my Elway collection I fell way short of posting the collection. I did move the majority of my baseball cards to my moms, so although my other blog suffered as well, just not as much as this one. Johnnys trading spot still manages to get posts up, mainly because that is where I do trading every week. I plan on moving my Elway collection over here soon and actually get that 2014 goal done in 2015.

With that said my 2015 plans are this. POST the collection, at least the cards. Simple enough and I WILL get it done.

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