Thursday, January 16, 2014

Looking for FOOTBALL Team traders

Looking to trade my football cards away by the team ( I have 5 monster boxes). Other than the unique John Elway cards that are part of my PC, I still have close to 600 Elway dupes that will go as well..  I also collect Falcons, and Buccaneers.  (The New York Giants, 49ers, and Bills have already been traded away)

Simple to claim a team, you only need to leave a comment on this blog. How to get the cards for your team, well just let me know how many Buccaneers and Falcons cards you would be willing to send me in trade. We can do as little as 12 (PWE) or up to 400 (small flat rate box) at a time, whatever amount that you to trade works for me. This is quick as easy, includes the stars yes, I said the stars too. Just let me know how many you have for me when you comment. I will check and see if that many is still available for that team and let you know back usually with the same day. My football cards run from a few 70s, to a few handful of 80s, and the rest are 90s-present.

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