Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Some Elway dupes

Happy New Year one and all, may 2014 be far better than the last!

I recently scanned 91 pages of John Elway doubles (or ten) that I have. I will be showing a few pages here today. The first 6 pages are random dupes that were just laying in a stack. Scans 7 thru 90 are from 1984 and thereafter in order until scan 91, random stuff again. Don't worry, not putting them all in 1 post, but will be posting 7 at a time. All of these cards are available for trade, so hit me up

The above scan has 2 really nice inserts, the 1995 Ultra gold medallion and the 1995 classic Sculpted. The ultra books for slightly more than the Sculpted but I the Sculpted is just cooler.

Nothing special below just some base cards

In the below scan we have 1 insert, the last card. 1999 Donruss Elite (Acetate) Field of Vision card serial numbered #430/871.

Below we have several nice cards, at least 6.

Scan 5 (below)  not a whole lot here.

The 1985 topps card at the top is NM whereas the the 2 at the bottom are barely making the good grade, but hey they can be fillers for someone, right?

Yes that is a 2012 Andrew Luck paired up with Elway, but I like the 1984 7-eleven disc the best here.

 With the final scan of this post, I will choose the 1988 Kenner Starting line up card. On top of being their first year issue, it just plain ole looks the best.

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