Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Elway 1998

Missed last week, so I will get 2 done this week. But first some numbers.

I do have a true 1 of 1 from this year. According Beckett there are 577 John Elway Football related items, and 1 Baseball of which I have the following. 211 items in top loaders, 4 figures (3 have cards with the sealed figures), 8 Bradford Exchange King of the Mountain plates (complete set), 4 magazine covers, and 7 odd ball items.

Shiny higher end sets.

I am thinking it is time to pull my Elway cards from the top loaders, and place them in 9 pocket pages into a binder, well several binders.  Most of the scratches you see are either from the flatbed or more than likely the top loaders themselves.

That's showing that Elway enthusiasm!

That is enough for tonight. Be back in a couple of days with another 7 scans.

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