Thursday, February 26, 2015

1994 Last of the Mohicans

Glad to wrap up the 1994s tonight. Although from here on out each year will have to be done in multiple posts as the card numbers rise & rise & rise! Good news is that each year comes with more & more variety and the onslaught of game used relic cards and autographs, not that I have many autographed cards but relics are another story. Lots of short prints start rolling down the line as well.

But hey, now that I have you salivating about the future let's get back to finishing off the remaining cards from 1994.

That hologram came through in shining fashion! And look we have a die cut and a pair of Sportflics.

No those are not the same card. They are the Stadium club Bowman's Best Black, and the refractor version, still need the members only version. I probably should have put them side by side. My bad. Needless to say that is a great looking card.

Stadium Club had 12 Elways in 1994, I have 7 of the 12.

Special Effects and the standard. Overall, Topps could have done so much better.

Yeah, I should have paid attention to the placement again, and also rotated the other two.

I have always been a fan of the Ultra design (mainly from collecting baseball cards), but this one seems a bit plain even with all that orange.

Parallel way back then too! I hate how current products have a dozen parallel versions of cards. In my opinion it is WAY OVERBOARD and has had a negative effect on the hobby. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind one or two parallels one some what easy to pull and one a little harder. The CHASE, gives a certain thrill, but when it is a dozen times harder it just loses its excitement. HELLO CARD COMPANIES....... ARE YOU LISTENING??????

The last two.... Ahhhh! Great next week we will have the 1995 cards. Total unique 1995 Elway cards/ odd balls produced 281. How many do I have? 177 .  Most expensive? Hard to say, don't remember what I paid for them not to mention values go up & down sometimes for no reason at all. For my Elway cards I buy a Beckett Football Annual every three years or so and price them that way for my own records. By the time I am done posting the "current" collection it will be time for another Beackett, LOL.  Anyways, I have several  (4 or 5) 1995 cards in the $40-50, but one that is slightly more rarer than those, a printing plate, so go figure no pricing available on that one.

Have a great week, and cya!

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