Monday, December 2, 2013


Yes Please, may I have some Elway cardboard.

I tried very hard to focus on adding to the SUPER COLLECTION but November only brought 17 new additions of unique Elway cards. I was able to add a couple of oddball items, a book, and a vintage mag cover. My goal is still to hit that infamous 1500 by years end, although it now seems improbable, but still possible.

I now have 1346 unique Elway cards, only 4400 more to obtain (apx). I am begging now, please let go of those Elways cards, you don't really want them, LOL.

Most of the cards I need are not high end, most that is. Of course there is overwhelming number of 1/1s out there. I feel blessed to have as many of them as I already do, including the proof from the Topps vault that was added in November. I need a tremendous amount of base cards from the last decade. I have my Elway needs listed in "my organize" on the Beckett website. It's free to check it out so please please please do.

My user id is   jfmjr1. I have a lot of cards available to trade, especially baseball, and vintage too. I just dumped about 8,000 basketball, just kidding I traded them for half of the Elways I got in November plus some really cool vintage (50s) Braves cards.

email me     check out a not so updated Elway want list here:

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