Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Who wants to trade John Elway?

Are you looking to get rid of the stack of Elway cards? I'm the guy, I'll take them. Albeit I have most of John's base cards from 1984-2004, mainly high end stuff from 2005 to present , but very little of that in itself. I am looking to get them all. That's close to 6,000 cards alone, plus I would like all the cover magazines, front page papers, books, oddities, anything. If he is on it or it is about him chances are I want it. I have a MASTER list of What I have and need, not mention tons of other stuff I have to trade. Speaking of trading, if you too collect Elway I have about 700 dupes!, not just base cards either, check out the dupes list on my site, link below.  Thanks for the read.


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